David Dudley, P.E.
Principal Owner/Principal


Integrity, persistence and a positive spirit underscore professional success where completing capital improvement projects, meeting deadlines and budgets and achieving objectives in high profile public infrastructure projects have been crucial to delivering exceptional results.

A commitment to the each and every client; an eagerness to provide assistance, guidance and understanding; strong ethics and principles; attention to detail and careful planning; critical and creative thinking; effective communication, organization and management to the pursuit of objectives, meeting extraordinary engineering demands, the ability to solve problems, to providing an excellent level of professionalism and service, and to partnering with others to accomplish common goals.


An accomplished civil engineering career spanning 20+ years heading major capital improvement projects.

  • Design and Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering Studies/Reports
  • Budgeting/Accountability
  • Government Relations
  • Client and Agency Communication
  • AutoCAD and other Industry Software
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Public Works Bidding Process
  • Organizational Development
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Financial and Cost Estimates
  • Grant and Loan Applications
  • Construction Management
  • Staff Mentoring and Development
  • Budget Conscientious



David’s Dad was a Civil Engineer, and even had his 27-person design firm with the majority of clients being of the public sector. As a result, David grew up in the industry. During his high school and college years, David not only worked around the office, but he also worked several years on the company’s survey crew and severed various roles on construction sites obtaining valuable ‘hands-on’ experience.

In David’s professional life he has served as a City Engineer, Public Works Director, and Project Manager on countless projects for both the public and private sectors. David also served as the City of Jenks Construction Manager on the famous Oklahoma Aquarium project. David has been involved in and thoroughly understands the entire project development process from complicated funding arrangements to design, bidding, and construction oversight to the close out audit; including working with all regulating agencies through the approval process, as well as all the different department conditions for approval, public officials, design engineers, developers, and the general public.

David has successfully prevented many problems, streamlined complicated projects, and greatly assisted public officials and the development community by efficiently progressing projects through the review process.

David had a clear understanding of regulating issues such as DOT, Local Standards, Codes, SWPPP, Conditions of Approval, NPDES, and more. David is well versed in O&M procedures, all types of project reports, inspections, written and oral communication, planning, organizing, and leading projects and teams. David also fully recognizes that there are many other issues that must often be considered during the review process that are not so black and white including air quality during construction, public safety, borrow and disposal site locations, ensuring adjacent properties are not negatively impacted, etc.

David has a strong background in public infrastructure (capital improvement projects: storm water collection systems, detention facilities, roads, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, multi-use trails, streetscaping, pump stations, erosion control, utility relocation, etc.). David also has much valuable and successful experience with private projects including environmentally friendly parking lots, commercial developments, parks, detention/retention facilities, subdivisions, and many other types of land development projects.

David has a tremendous amount of experience with feasibility studies, grant writing, directing surveys, gathering field data/topos, preparing cost estimates, designing to standards/regs, preparing status reports, communicating with clients & multiple agencies, preparation of QUALITY design plans, writing specs, preparing front & back end docs, the bidding process, executing contracts, overseeing construction, managing change orders, and efficiently closing out a project.

David has become an expert at simultaneously working with multiple agencies, juggling multiple projects, understanding regulations/permits/standards/COA/grant criteria & other parameters, staying within the scope of work, remaining within budget, respecting timelines, and effectively meeting deadlines.

David most enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their goals. David takes great pride in ensuring a project successfully progresses through development as efficiently as possible, and comes to fruition as a quality product.