Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a positive, long-term impact on people, communities, and our environment through our interaction with others and our work within the industry.

The vision of Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S) is to remain a sustainable company that continues to grow as a result of providing excellence in service, quality of work produced, and being a team that truly cares. Our vision serves as the framework for how we conduct ourselves and our business both from a strategic outlook, and on a day-to-day basis. Our vision includes the following key directives:

Technical Leadership

We will demonstrate leadership and excellence on every project.


Client Service

We will provide industry-leading, courteous, professional and efficient client service.



We will deliver a quality product and maintain standards of excellence.


Staff Development

We will continue to improve our talented and dedicated people with superior professional development programs.


Company Culture

We will expand our atmosphere of “community”, focused on shared accountability, teamwork, and success.


Fiscal Responsibility

We will continue to find ways to maximize efficiency and sustainability as a financially responsible and viable company; so as to provide our clients the lowest cost and highest quality service possible.