"We appreciate everything David has done for us. He always worked tirelessly to ensure the project was done correctly."

City Manager, City of Jenks

"David demonstrated a commitment to meeting and exceeding the all plan review submittal deadlines throughout the project, while providing outstanding attention to detail, quality of review comment letters, remained commitment to our prearranged budget agreement."

Mayor, City of Bristow

"We look forward to working with you again on the next project. Thank you very much for all of your valuable assistance on the Bickford Ranch project."

County Planner, County of Placer

"David has made a major impact on completing our projects on time and in cost effective manner. He has good knowledge in civil as well as applicable standards and pertinent regulations."

Engineering Manager-Capital Improvements Projects Div., County of Yuba

"David has the right work attitude and has a consistent positive and professional approach to working with staff."

Senior Engineer, City of Rancho Cordova

"It has been great working with David over the years. He has always been reliable and made sure the job was done correctly."

Senior Engineer, City of McAlester

"David can always be counted on for a quick turnaround, and a quality product."

City Engineer, City of S.

"Thank you very much for your wonderful support. You have been a tremendous help. It is a pleasure working with you."

City Building Official, Dept. of Building & Safety, City of Lompoc