We can efficiently execute your projects in compliance with any or all of the following:
Project Types Agency Standards
Project Types Conditions of Approval
Project Types Specific Plan
Project Types Conformance with the Tentative Map
Project Types Right-of-ways and Easements
Project Types All Local, State, and Federal Regulations
Project Types FEMA
Project Types Department of Transportation (DoT)
Project Types Cost Estimates based upon your Regional Prices

or any other way you desire

As a client you will be able to securely log-in on our web site to determine the status of your projects, obtain the estimated date of completion & delivery, and access all project documents.

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Civil Engineering Services

Efficient and Effective Civil Engineering Services, Quick Turnaround, Quality Product

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S) provides a wide array of civil engineering services. We have the ability, expertise, experience, and a successfully proven proprietary method in which to execute a diversity of projects.

Our staff is comprised of competent seasoned professionals with an abundance of industry experience. All projects are completed with regard to our client’s review preference. We manage your project using a systematic approach that provides you with an accurate product that you can count on, with optimal efficiency, and a quick turnaround. All completed projects undergo a stringent quality control process before being released.

Our unique proprietary system developed by Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S) is the only one of its kind in the nation and provides our clients with an efficiently performed quality product within the least amount of time.

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S) provides a breadth of versatility, technical knowledge, and the people skills to combine for a streamline process which enables all parties to be more successful. Our seasoned professional staff  strives to help our clients be more successful.

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We add much value to your project, before it goes to bid.

At Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S), we pride ourselves on providing a product that can easily be efficiently constructed. We assist owners, construction managers, public agencies, private developments, and general contractors to reduce RFI’s and change orders. Our approach helps the owner and other stakeholders to minimize the risk of costly change orders and saves valuable time in construction schedules.

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Client Focus

With a collaborative approach, we customize our role to meet the needs of each one of our clients.

As experienced civil engineering professionals, we appreciate the fact that no two clients or projects are identical. We approach each project with a positive attitude and an open-mind that much flexibility on our part may be necessary. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of each client on a case-by-case basis while maintaining a high level of proficiency throughout the project duration. We know that a pragmatic attitude, as well as enthusiastically participating in a collaborative effort with others, Civil Engineering Infrastructure Solutions (C.E.I.S) is best able to assist our clients achieving their goals as efficiently as possible.

With schedule-critical projects, we seek solutions and creative ideas to maximize efficiency and successfully beat deadlines. We have a great deal of experience as engineer of record for major design projects for both the private and public sectors, which better enables us evolve to implement a productive and efficient interactive approach for our clients. We never lose focus on the major critical project elements such as client satisfaction, a quality product deliverable, responsive and proactive customer service, budget, and schedule. Customer satisfaction is essential.